Samothraki Microbrewery

Samothraki Microbrewery and our flagship beer "Fonias" (Killer) is the result of a dedicated collective effort with a shared passion for fine beer and for our beloved island of Samothrace.Our small production is aimed at those who appreciate new flavors and want to open up their taste horizons within the area of fresh, unpasteurized beers.


Fonias beer

Our production philosophy is simple; quality over quantity with a fresh beer of a special taste aesthetic.In addition, we aim to highlight the unique and sacred island of Samothrace and boost the local economy.


Fonias beer and Samothraki island are waiting to be explored!

Granazi bar’s story


In 1981, long before Fonias was made, Thanasis A. opened Granazi bar in Peristeri, Athens. During the years, he was tasting dozens of European beers there,while listening to Granazi bar’s blues,soul,funk music.At the end of 80’s homebrewing came to his life;a big journey in the world of beers that will end up in Samothraki family Microbrewery years later.Granazi (Gear) is still ‘’spinning’’,almost 39 years later still owned by the same family.This is a meeting place for people that love good music,beers and search a different way to experience night life.
Since Granazi bar is the beginning of our beer story,here Fonias abounds!

  • Aineiou 1,Degleri Square

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We are here to visit us,get a tour on our place (upon arrangement ) and buy our local beer.

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